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Thread: Cannot Search On Dc++

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    For some reason I cannot search on DC++. I am able to connect and browse the hublist but when I search for a file, nothing happens. I know what im searching for should get results because im simply searching for a file that should bring up thousands of results, im searching for 'GTA' and im choosing to bring up results that don't have a free slot so I should get even more results but still nothing. Maybe I need to configure something in the settings? Ive never had this problem before and its driving me mad.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    are you running a router?
    Open your mind

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    need to forward the right ports, or be set to passive I believe. Easier then that, put yourself on the DMZ in your router.

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    you can luck here.. maybe this can help you
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    yes is from your config

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    Go to the Settings and under Connection select "Passive". You won't be able to download from other Passive users, but at least it's better than nothing .


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