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Thread: Best DVD/RW?

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    they're pretty much all the same, although I wouldn't want to loose one of my sata ports to an optical drive. With every computer I build, I choose the cheapest IDE drive available, and have had no complaints so far.

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    If this is a single purchase and it will cost you 5 or more to get to Upper Brook Street or Weybrook Road I suggest you go for delivery instead of collection.

    And if you are going to have it delivered I suggest you save even more money by choosing one of these:
    Also, next day delivery is 4.99 inc vat compared to MicroDirect's 1-3 day delivery at 4.99 plus vat (5.87).

    It may not seem much, but the difference is about half the cost of a pack of 25 blanks, or a free pint.

    As to which is best, I've generally gone for NEC in the past and been happy with the results, but they were out of stock last time so I got a Liteon and I found it rather noisy.

    Make sure there are no compatibility issues with SATA optical drives before you get one. There shouldn't be if your motherboard is up to date, but that may not be the case if you are replacing a drive on an older system.
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