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Thread: Seeding with SAME account on DIFF computers ?

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    according to FAQs of lots of bittorent tracker, it seems possible to seed with different computers using same login.
    Even if it says so is there any risks ? i don't want to be banned so i m always very careful with the use of my sites, but i could use my parent's computer to help my ratio by seeding 24/24 so i would like someone to confirm

    i think that is the seedbox principle, but i always thought that when using a seedbox u can't use ur account @ ur home ! but it seems possible to use account @ Home + @seedbox simuteneaously !

    it is even possible to have multiple computer on same torrents !!!

    so finally, is there any risk using multiple PC for same account ?

    and is there any tracker which don't accept this possibility ?

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    I've done it a few times in the past just to help get something seeded quickly. I haven't had any problems with it. Some sites only allow one or two connections per user at a time though and an error will show up on your client.

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    The max i have ever seeded was in 2 places. My seedbox and home connection and no problems even though IP are so different. If the site uses passkey system then no error should occur but if it is via IP then you are going to have some trouble as i don't think it will be possible.
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