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Thread: The Babel project.... Should it be Wiki-based?

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    I have been thinking a lot about creating a torrent site for English-speakers wanting to enjoy foreign language entertainment. Esp. European and Scandinavian. Basically anything not already well covered (no J-pop, or Asian Dramas, Anime or any of the already covered stuff)

    To me this sounds like it would work best as a Wiki-based torrent site, if such a thing is possible, but I’d love to hear people’s ideas.

    For content:

    There are a lot of foreign sites out there, and I find it hard to believe that no-one wishes they could understand some of the foreign releases.

    I'm thinking TV shows with fansubs or group buys for translation, or at least a usable description of what’s going on scene-to-scene. It’s frustrating not being able to watch shows like “Les Bougon” and loads of other non-English shows that are out there. (There are soooo many Swedish shows online that it seems a crime to not have translations for some of them)

    Music (especially underground music, though I guess pop would be allowed), described in English, sometimes with translations. Or descriptions of what the songs are about. Also possible group buys.

    Foreign language porn, with an English translation of the title, and the name of the porn stars if applicable.

    English-User guides to using popular foreign language web sites, in .pdf format. (Anyone who thinks this is useless has never tried the Korean games and other sites… Some guides for non-English sites esp. Korean and Japanese exist, but not nearly enough.

    Movie fansub subtitles for foreign movies that don’t have any. Group-buys for translations.

    People who don’t speak much English would be allowed to post in English using Babelfish if they use simple sentences.

    To me the easiest way to do this is to have the tracker be Wiki-based. Then people could edit the entries as more bi-lingual people join the site. It could either be an actual tracker, or perhaps just have users upload to sites like Demonoid and Mininova, and provide links to them, like Aussie Torrents does. If it had its own tracker people could be rewarded for translations by staff in the form of free megs or gigs of credit, or other special features, but that would definitely make it a harder site to set-up.

    But I don’t know how realistic this is, and whether anyone would even be interested in such a project. I’m not saying that I have the time to start this right now, but I’m in the idea stage, and am trying to gauge interest and get suggestions of where to start, as I don’t have any experience running Wiki’s or trackers…
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    As an idea, it's great, but it's very hard to find dedicated ppl to make customs subs (translating should be easy, but for some good tv shows or movies that haven't been release on dvd with subtitles it could be very hard..).. Anyway i like a lot the idea and whatever you decide good luck


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