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Thread: need help transfering xbmc to xbox

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    I need help on where to transfer the xbmc into the xbox. I mod my xbox with autoinstaller, upgrade to a new HDD with xbxhdm exploit. But now I want to upgrade the evo with xbmc dashboard and I don't know what folder to copy the xbmc in E folder. My E folder don't have a dashboard subfolder, the E folder only have apps and other folders. So where in the E folder do I copy the xbmc to? Any help is great appreciated it. Thanks

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    download XBE Shortcut Maker Version 2.0

    and follow this guide:

    in shortcut maker, make sure to put in the correct path to XBMC!
    and make sure you are overwriting the correct default.xbe or evoxdash.xbe depending on what you use..
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