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Thread: Dedicated server port forward

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    I have just purchased a Dedicated server to use as a seedbox and i have managed to install xsterm, wine, utorrent, webui, etc but i am always unconnectable and get poor upload sppeds - can i open a port myself or do i have to get the hosting comy to do it for me (and if so what can i tell them its for ?)


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    You don't open ports on servers, all servers have a static IP with no firewall (unless you install one yourself, maybe iptables?)

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    thanks for the tip - i've added some rules to the iptable to allow tcp and udp connections on the port uTorrent listens to but i'm still not getting >0.5kB/s upload and i cant understand why - can you point me in the right direction please

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    Try turning iptables off to see if that helps? type:
    /etc/init.d/iptables stop


    service iptables stop


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