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Thread: BitMeTv - confirmation mail?

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    For some hours ago a guy sent me a BitMeTv-invite, but the confirmation-mail has not arrived yet. It' s at Hotmail-account, and yes, I have checked the junk-folder. Could anyone ask at their IRC about something is wrong whith their mail-server? I would have been very gratefeul.


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    I think I remember having problems receiving confirmation mail from BitMeTV with an hotmail address aswell.
    I doubt anything is wrong with their mail server, use a gmail address or something the like instead and it should be fine

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    as i can see in bitmetv help forum lot of users has problem with sending invites these days
    the moderator there said that the best that you could do is to wait 24h so the invite cancelled and then re-invite in a different email addy

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    these days yahoo is also having problem with invites, they reach but take much time to do so and if u r trading u r lost

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    someone sent me a bitmetv to a gmail acc and i couldn't get it...
    someone knows why?
    "I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying"-Michael Jordan-

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    I think more people have this problem.

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    I got an Invite to bitmetv yesterday, still hasn't arrived.
    What's wrong with the Invite system on bitmetv, Is any one got any answers.
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    My inviter tried to send to Gmail as well, still hasn't arrived after more than 12 hours. I talked to a guy at yesterday, he said I just should wait. But this is clearly a big problem for more than me.

    Are there any staffers of BMTV around?

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    not solved yet....

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    Quote Originally Posted by superguy View Post
    not solved yet....
    Are you in staff?

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