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Thread: a little help please... pretty please.

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    I'm sure this question has never been asked before..

    What is the best P2P going right now, with minimal spyware loaded on it and works great??

    I used BearShare for a long time but it's no longer available without subscription and it doesn't look like any fun anymore.

    I download music and movies. I don't feel that I'm ripping anybody off because most of the things I download aren't readily available commercially (I'm an 80's geek). And even if they were I wouldn't spend the money on them.

    Yes I'll download Steve Vai's album Flex-a-ble.. but I'm not to go buy it

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    Well first, does there need to be any spyware loaded as that's what you are asking for? If you meant without spyware, which is what I prefer; there are many choices.

    I run a file sharing network where users can download films music ebooks, comics games and etc... etc. This is all spyware free and is More info you can find in my signature. ..oh and yes this question has been often asked before .

    Looking back I would recommend you try SoulSeek and then join the chat room

    check this thread for info regarding download and how to join the chat. You will see familiar faces there who will help you further. Add all the users you see in the chat to your "list"
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