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Thread: Question about an old account + a new one -> combine?

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    Hi admins,

    My situation is as follows:
    • I first registered on FST in 2005. I now know my username and password for that account.
    • I registered again on FST in 2007 (the account I'm writing this with).
    • The reason I registered again is that there was like 2 years cap between the visits on this site. I was inactive for that long. And when I registered again now in 2007, I didn't remember the username I first was registered with, even though I fairly well remembered that I was an FST user in the past too. I just thought that the account was already deleted due to inactivity, but it wasn't (I know found my old account with members search, which I didn't use in the first place when I registered my current account, my bad.)
    • Is there any way I can combine these two accounts? I would like to keep my current username and reputation points and such, but would like to get the registration date changed to the 2005 one.
    • Or should I just start fresh with the account back from 2005 and ask for an admin to delete my current account and rename my old account to this current name? If the reputation cannot be transferred, that's it.
    • I wouldn't like to expose my past username here in public, but if it's possible, could an admin PM me.


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    I could change the names, for example change the new account to the old name, or change the old account to the new name.
    I own't merge accounts, won't change join dates, and won't delete accounts.


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