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Thread: mixing memory ok or not

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    i have a compaq presario v2000 it has a infineon ddr-333 .pc2700s.memory stick in it, i can get a second hynix stick to put with it should it cause any problem or not

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    Might be ok. Might not run dual.

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    WHRST's Avatar immortalis BT Rep: +13BT Rep +13BT Rep +13
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    i have done mix memory before and it was fine but it was not on my new pc it was on my moms "old" pc and it worked fine but i would never do it on my current PC

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    AFAIK all the Infineon chip designations begin with HY, and that's the brand mark for Hynix. Hynix use stick designation rather than chip designation so it's difficult to work out what's equivalent.

    The way to get the equivalent stick would be to convert the designations. You need to be aware that the hynix designation is for a memory stick, while the Infineon designation is for a single chip, so you have to divide your memory size by the number of chips, and multiply by 8 to get the Mb size. You also don't get the bank information on the Infineon sheet (since it doesn't apply to individual chips), but you should be able to get that information using Everest (under Motherboard/SPD.

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    i have pc2700/ and pc3200 memory on mine

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    When u use both the chips exactly same they r called matched pair & they run better than others.
    It will improve the performance.

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    memory is same type just different brands

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    When combining different speeds, both sticks will run at the speed of the slower stick.
    Using two exact same sticks of RAM is optimal, although not completely necessary.
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