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Thread: How Long Would It Take?

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    I've got a 2.0 intel and it takes about 15 minutes longer than watching it so it would probably be a little longer than that for you but not too bad

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    it's dependent on the encoding of the source file too

    generally, i find that a divx encoded film takes slightly longer (only a few %) to re-encode than an xvid.

    with my comp, i can encode to vcd about 1.5x real time (so a 90 min film in about 50-60 mins) and to svcd in just about real time.

    i have an athlon 2700, 512MB ram

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    I let nero do it for me it took 3 hours .

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    i have a 1.8 ghz and it took about 1 hour or so. so i guess for u maybe 1 1/2 hour.

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    movie encoding pretty much uses 100% of your CPU power, so the amount of time it takes is directly related to how fast the CPU is. and the more programs you have running at the same time as the encoder program, the longer it will take.

    so if you want the encoding to be done as soon as possible, you should close all other programs, go do something away from the computer, and let the program do its thing.


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