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Thread: Bittorrent and BayTSP

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    Well this is my first post here so just wanna say hello. And also to the mods, if you think this thread belongs somewhere else feel free to move it or whatever.

    Okay I don't know if you guys have ever heard of BayTSP, but its a private firm that tracks copyrighted files as they pass through the p2p network, and companies like Symantec or Paramount, hire BayTSP to provide them with information on everyone currently "sharing" their client's files, so that later on the companies can sue people like us.

    Recently I got caught by them and while I'm sure it is only a warning, as it was the only file I had downloaded from that ISP ever and I only seeded it while it was downloading but nevertheless if they caught me doing that from my home computer I would probably be looking for a good lawyer right now.

    So basically what got me thinking was how can we protect ourselves from these kind of people. Many people argue that the way BayTSP works would qualify as cyber-trespassing, but unfortunately all courts see in their favor as the information they use to find you and see what your downloading is all "public information".

    Now I'm not an expert, I don't know in detail exactly how torrents work, but I'm just throwing ideas out there as I feel that we need to do something about this. I realize that programs like PeerGuardian are intended for this purpose but they are far from fool proof.

    I kinda stole this idea from Microsoft and their encrypted packets for Xbox Live. Basically I got into a discussion with some people in another forum about spoofing an Xbox Live server, and someone brought up that to collect the necessary information from those packets to spoof a server we would need to break the encryption which is illegal, so that got me thinking, couldn't we make a torrent client that encrypted the information so that companies like BayTSP would have to break the law in order to catch us. I realize that they could in that situation just download their own copy of our encrypted client and get the data from there, but we could keep the information encrypted or atleast the important parts, say for instance this new client only decrypts the file name, but not the IP, so without the IP they couldn't track you.

    I don't know, I hope that made atleast some sense, but feel free to kick me in the balls and call me stupid, if that idea is completely absurd.

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    Please everyone, lets not talk all at once.


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