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Thread: I want to my account back

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    I am should listen to me mr have restricted my account.Reason,you said that I got two diffirent accounts in fst,but it is not true.I know this person(nick:......)I bought a account other tracker.we did change.
    I was going around in site one person sent to me pm and he said to me ,come msn.He said to me,this account stolen and I thinked I am bribour.Because conformation mail's ip is me.I joined fst with this ip...and he thinked I have two accounts and he complained to you.And I told to him my staus.and I did buy this account with change.And I dont know this account is stolen.later I said to him,I can give this account you,but I said to him I taked alot of accounts for this site's account.and he said no and no problem for me.
    mr admin event is this. conjectured to me robbery.but I have one account.Aploligize me.thank you
    lastly, the nick of the person whose account stolen is "akk". You can ask him/her anything you would like to. I want my rights back, because I am innocent.

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    take this to the report section mate.

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    Addicted to placebos

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    Bu hu hu. Cry me a river.

    Didnt you make a thread like this a few days back?

    Its not the end of the world if you cant access the invite section. Move on.

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    I believe this is the 4th or 5th that he has made. They seem to be getting longer and longer.
    I haven't taken a beating like that since I opened my first issue of Hustler!
    The World is a Sick Place and I'm a Happy Guy!

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    and each time his english gets better

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    ^^ I like your attitude! Always look at the bright side of things..


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