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Thread: pianosheets?

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    so I would just like to know wheather this tracker just has pianosheet music or does it also have it for other instements? because I play the guitar and I am always looking.
    IF it does carry guitar sheetmusic, is it woth it?
    can someone post the catagories with the torrent amount!!!


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    It has all types of sheet music, primarily classical music, but has mostly any genre for the piano.

    It was a very good site, until the tracker just stopped working for like 2 months.. But it's back up again, so check it out!
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    Torrent #: 958 Torrents ATM, but this is because their tracker had a really bad meltdown, and it messed everything up pretty much.

    Very worth it if you're into music, but speeds are somewhat slow (because of the lack of seeders on some torrents), but the files are tremendously small as well. Signups will be open soon most likely, and you can signup whenever since there's no invite system. Also, there is a re-seed and request forum. Since anyone can upload torrents, the requests and re-seeds get filled up rather quickly.

    This is from the news page:
    # 2007-06-06

    Okay, to further help people determine which torrents they can get and which they can't i've put a little OK! or SORRY PAL next to the name of each torrent. If you uploaded any "sorry pal" torrents that you don't want deleted over the next couple of weeks then you will need to send the torrent file to me and I will rename it and upload it manually. You are now able to see instantly which torrents you can download.

    I think I'll give about 2 weeks from today for people to send me their torrents, after which I will delete all remaining "sorry pal" torrents so that all of the site's content will be downloadable.

    2 weeks from now so that's WEDNESDAY 20th JUNE, all sorry pal torrents will be banished from the site.

    # 2007-06-05

    The tracker is now operational. BUT -- like I said before some of the files have been deleted from the servers some have not. The one's that have been deleted from the servers still return the not found sorry pal error -- the one's that have not seem to be okay. For now I will upload a few torrents to see what happens over time. Ratio waits will be turned off for the time being.

    # 2007-06-04

    There was a database problem.
    It has been restored to what it was about 24 hours ago. Some posts will have been lost in the forums and likewise in PMs etc.

    User signups are closed. Check back soon though -- memberships will be open soon.
    No additional stats available.. sorry mate
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