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Thread: Looking for RevTT invite-->view my ratios

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    Feb 2007
    I'm looking for a RevTT invite in particular, but also happy to receive any other decent site invites. The main sites I use right now are TL,ST,Demonoid,Midnight Torrents, and Oink. You can check out my ratios and see that I always seed back more than 100% whenever possible. I have high-speed cable and leave my torrent client running 24/7 at full up and down. I'm not interested in trading, bartering, or buying. If there's any nice people out there that have an extra invite they'd like to share then let me know and I assure you it won't be wasted. Cheers!

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    Dec 2006
    Good luck..........I gave my last RevoTT invite away last night.

    I think you'll get it.........look in the giveaway threads Pages 1234.

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    Gimme your email by PM I'll invite you


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