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Thread: Rapidshare Premium

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    Anyone have a rapidshare premium account? Is it worth trying to get one from somebody? How long do the accounts last for without paying or anything?

    If they are worth getting could someone give me a way or give me a premium acc? I need to download some releases to contribute to my private trackers and get my ratio up


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    Well, lets see...I used to have an RS premium acct. many months ago (it may have actually been around a year ago, actually), and I was able to avoid it being deactivated just by getting enough people to download my uploads. However, I haven't even used rapidshare period in quite some time since then, so I have no idea what the terms/conditions are for keeping an RS premium acct., and how you can keep your acct. going without paying, etc. I know when I used to regularly use mine & upload to it, you needed like a certain # of downloads each month or so, and then at the end of the month you just like, renewed the acct. by giving a quantity of downloads rather than actually paying for the monthly service or whatever. Pretty sweet deal - only catch is you have to be uploading good shit on a regular basis that lots of people actually want to download

    Although you should really take my advice on it with a grain of salt, since again I haven't used rapidshare in over a year & there's certainly a possibility that keeping a premium acct. without having to pay isn't even an option any more - you might just have to pay no matter what. I really don't know. Just my two cents on past experiences, heh.

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    It is worth it if you do alot of downloading from warez forums. I share one with a buddy of mine. You need to 10000 points for them to give you 1 month free. That means 10000 dls of your file must be made by non premiuim mebers.


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