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Thread: National Small Business Alliance (NSBA) $500 Scam

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    National Small Business Alliance ,NSBA Customer Support is Bogus-We got your money-Tough-Very Difficult to Get Refund 1201 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 200 District of Columbia.

    I have not been so lucky. They charged my account 149.95 and 2 weeks later debited my account again for 359.00. What a shock!! I knew nothing of this extra charge for membership. I was deceived!. I immediately called and cancelled. This action took all of 2 hours waiting and recalling. I did everything asked of me including sending the new member package back to their company at PO Box 1630, Cathedral City, CA 92235 as instructed (Registered Mail).

    On 03/08/07 I received a letter from NSBA indicating I had complied with their instructions for cancellation and a check in the amount of 509.95 would be refunded since I had cancelled within the 30 day period. After the 30 Days I called and they said it had been approved and would be mailed within 2 to 3 weeks.

    After 2 weeks I called and waited for 30 minutes on hold. The answer was it is in the mail. Everyday I called for 2 weeks thereafter, as I was still giving NSBA the question of a doubt. My last call to member services,they answered and laughed and hung up the phone.

    I contacted their Supervisor's number and only messages could me left(Mrs Rupe). I then contacted Bank of America (BOA) to file a claim against NSBA. The claim form was immediately faxed to BOA. A week later I received denial of the claim from BOA for the 60 day expired time limit period.

    Seems like I played right into the NSBA plan, Stall the customer for 60 days and keep the money because of the banks 60 Day Debit Claim Period. Please tell me what in the Hell is going on in America. I am really POed. Today I will go to BOA and argue my case with them. At this point I am out of 509.95 and NSBA ripped me off and laughed about it.

    Austin, Texas

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