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    Does anybody know of tracker similar to that has open invites. Thanks

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    what is bitspyder ?

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    if you mean elearning stuff, try elbitz.
    Have a nice day.

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    @AkaiDoresu Thanks
    @Grizlyweewee From what I understand is a tracker for educational material/e-learning.

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    bitme . learnbits and gfxnews

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    Was wondering out loud, but how hard is it to get an invite to bitspyder, personally have nothing to trade with though. If anyone else has any other e-learning/educational trackers they know of with open invites. Please share.

    @desiKing Thanks. Looks like all the ones you've mention are closed. Sucks that I just missed the window on Do you know if the ones you mention will re-open.
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    i have some invites in bitspyder..

    if anyone interested , can PM me.. with ur nick or name with e-mail

    u can download stuff from there and continue to seed from there..
    don't really need to contribute stuff..

    of coz, best u can trade invites with me =P or tell me something like u have a seedbox, want to contribute to the community
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    i heard bitspyder is full of videos/pdfs of computer stuff, so if you're not into computers, then demonoid will have most everything you need.

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    I suppose you meant sites with open registration.. this is a huge e-learning site I like :

    Invites are enabled on Bitme and Learnbits (not sure about that one)

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