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Thread: Looking for some french trackers

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    already know Snowtigers, Thor's Land, Elite-Team, Itoma, Mamie Tracker and TvQC. hdfrench
    I'm looking for some good french trackers.

    Do you know some others? Thanks a lot in advance.
    You can tell me here or via pm

    i give you surprise if you tell me godd french tracker

    bitmetv account and kg account
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    Spoiler: Show

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    I find that is the french Demonoid.
    There are also other trackers like Séries TV Torrent, Québec Torrent or Crystaliz Torrent. (they are smaller than SmarTorrent !).

    But I think you've already told the best one !

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    Do you know how I can get into Snowtigers and Thor's Land?

    Do they use invite system?
    If someone has invites to these trackers tell me what you need and I may help you. Thanks


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