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Thread: MYSpeed PC

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    My internet connection is hell. I have a ADSL connection from Aliant, which is supposed to give me around 2528 down and 640 up.
    I test using MySpeed PC and my results vary extremely. I get anywhere between 200kbps and 1.5mbps down, usually around 800-900kbps down. My upload stays consistent around 550kbps.
    I have contacted Aliant numerous times and they have come to the conclusion that everything they can do has been done (bs, and what great customer service)
    I even experience some intermitency where the DSL light on my modem will go out for a second or two and then come back on.

    I there anything you guys can recommend, maybe a better program to test or optimise my settings, I really have no clue what else could be the problem.

    Thanks for any help
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