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Thread: PC burns DVD, but its blank.

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    I am trying to burn a set of DVD files to a DVD with nero 6,
    And when i burn the DVD it burns it, or at least it looks like it, no errors, no nothing, then you go to watch the DVD and it has nothing on it.
    Ive tried nero, winavi.
    The Nero 6 is a new installation (The old one did not burn DVDs either)

    Time to reinstall windows xp again???????

    Anybody know what to do?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Is it set to "write" or "simulation"?

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    It is set to write

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner31593 View Post

    I am trying to burn a set of DVD files to a DVD

    Anybody know what to do?

    Thanks in advance,
    Are you trying to burn more than ONE dvd file to the disk ?

    Will it play on your comp ?

    Are they NTSC/PAL/other ?

    Does your dvd support NTSC/PAL/other ?

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    Go to "Recorder" -> "Choose Recorder" -> Select your DVD Recoder (NOT image recorder) then click OK -> Burn your DVD again

    There u go

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    It sounds like your burner is fucked.

    Can you burn data discs with it, via Nero?

    Check on the option to "Verify Data" after you burn, to make sure that it is burning correctly.

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    First, get gspot and use it to examine one of the long vob files to make sure the video is compatible with your tv. 25 frms is PAL (for Europe) and 23 or 29 frms is NTSC (for USA, Japan and others). If thats ok now what you want to do is to get Nero Burning Rom to run instead of Start Smart. Go to Program Files Ahead (v6.0) or Nero (v7.0) find the nero folder and nero.exe and right click it and select "Send to Desktop" create shortcut. Now you can start Nero Burning Rom directly without Start Smart (you can also rename it if you want).

    So, open it up, set the top left window of the wizard to Dvd and on the left side window select DVD-Video then select New. The wizard will close and the next window will have a Red VIDEO_TS folder on the left for you to fill with your vob files. Highlight all the files from the VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive in the right pane and slide them over to the left pane. Make sure the correct drive is shown in the top right window, if not, set it and close and restart the process to get the right drive with the above settings. Burn at half the rated speed of your media or rom drive (16x dvd media in an 8x dvd rom drive burn at 4x speed). The slower speeds take longer but a fast coaster is usless.


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