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Thread: Max Payne Rip

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    its easy to get the ripped version to use mods. You need rasmaker, extract from the main data file and change the settings. the problem is it tries to load the tutorial level and it doesnt come with the ripped version. Proiblem is, no one seems to have the rasmaker program that comes with maz

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    if you want a cool kung fu mod goto Matrix its a really cool matrix mod with kun fu mod in it as well but more features its aboiut 40meg but worth the download mad moves and bulletime shit good luck i also had to borrow the game off my friend to the mod to work i need help with something i don't have rasmaker and on the mod matrix reality at the menu theres a song called club to death but they edited it and has sounds from the movie which sounds sweet i wanna get it but i can't find it i read that it was specally designed for the mod if someone can extract it and msn me it that would be cool thanks !

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    From what I remember I think the mods and cheats don't work with a ripped version thats y I went and bought its sitting right next to me and I use the max payne mouse pad that came with it

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    I found a clone cd on direct connect, deleted on last HD clean though, but is out there.


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