hey guys

Im a massive Film Noir fan and love the old movies from the 30s 40s 50s Humphrey Bogart movies like

out of the past
Maltese Falcon
Murder my sweet
In Lonely place
Angels with dirty Faces
Little Ceaur

that kinda stuff

I love downloading DVDr torrents Demoniod Im on had a few of these movies I can download theres still quite a lot I would like though

anyone know any good torrent sites to download the classic movies? also not sure about newsgroups either?

I find the movies of today are quite crap there is usually about 1 or 2 good flicks a year that are decent and the actors of today arn't the standard of back then

James Cagney
Hunphrey Bogart
Greogary Peck
Katheren Hepburn
Audry Hepburn
Spencer Tracey

then the next generation were great too
jack Nicholson
Jack Lennon
Al Pachino
Robert Dinero

right now in the modern day I see no great legends at all instead we have pretenders for mainstream media in Brad Pitt Angelina Jollie