First leaked by the German equivalent of the Entertainment Software Rating Board in April, Prince of Persia Classic will hit Xbox Live Marketplace this Wednesday. Gamers can expect to fork over 800 Microsoft points ($10) to experience this classic anew.

Developed by Gameloft, which heretofore has focused on mobile platforms, the remake's major alteration is that it will now be rendered in full 3D. The updated graphics will impact character designs, animations, and other visuals, but the original 2D gameplay will stay much the same.

However, Prince of Persia Classic won't be entirely old hat, as new puzzles and enemies have been added. Gameloft is also including three different game modes: normal mode, where players have unlimited time and saves available at the end of each level; time attack mode, where players must beat the game in under 60 minutes; and survival mode, where players must beat the game in under 60 minutes without dying. Prince of Persia Classic also adds 12 achievements into the mix, and each gameplay mode will have its own leaderboard.

Jordan Mechner's original Prince of Persia platformer was released on the Apple II in 1989. The game was noted for its agonizing level of difficulty, as pinpoint precision was required to navigate the many pitfalls preventing the prince from rescuing the princess. Adding to the difficulty was a strict one-hour time limit, which forced players to forgo caution in the interest of time.