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    adobe 6 on emule is corrupt and incomplete. you can take two and reassemble them. I did it and it worked but the only working was for the pre release. I tryed to re install the same file later but it was reported as corrupt for some reason although it hadn't been touched. It was interesting to play with but not worth the waste of time or effort. it's a huge file for what it really gives you too.

    If you want to try it, just copy the "part" file to a desk top folder and change the extension to .ace
    do the same with another one that has a differnt chunk missing. unace each to it's own folder and then start comparing files to see what's missing. Combine a copy of the two and see if it works. took me about three trys to get the right combo.

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    Well then I'd strongly suggest that you check which copies of it you're downloading. I did manage to get a full complete copy of AA6P (though it was pre-release).

    Check especially the name of the file, and how many sources it has - Any with a group's mark on it (AFAIK in this case, KKW for example) you can hopefully trust (most obvious example are games marked 'Sharereactor' - After the eDonkey hash site - on KL). Likewise, chances are that the most sources there are for a particular file, the better.

    Trust me - I'm not sure whether this applies to you Balamm, but it will to someone - Watch carefully at the file sizes as well; it's alright to save a few MB by picking the smallest version of it, but chances are that it's not that good a copy (e.g. files missing etc) - Check the general file sizes of the file you're looking for, and don't skimp on downloading time - A longer file sometimes takes a shorter time than two short files.

    Hope that helps


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