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Thread: Dumb And Dumberer

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    omfg i just watched it...didnt make me laugh at all...such BS damnitt it aint funny without jeff daniels and jim carey...they should make a new one...a SEQUEL to dumb and dumber no fucking er this time. dumber and dumbest . With the original actors!

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    i dunno i went to it saturday after it opened and watched it. i thought it was pretty funny even without those 2. its worth the download and my $6.50 to go see it.

    lately the critics have been wrong on a lot of movies it seems. they said Italian Job would suck and i thought it was good. Same with 2 fast 2 furious

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    Man i was going to release a "Ready to go" version of this but this movie is garbage they should have never made this shit. I knew it wasn't going to be funny from the start but I did not expect that i laughed like once. This shit sucks. Holla at ya boy!


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