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Thread: Banned from WB?

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    Heya. Name is Peramoure on WB, have been a member there for ages and have donated on multiple occasions. Anyhow, my account is disabled. Can anyone help? Not a clue why I would be disabled.


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    Inactivity probably?

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    Nah no activity. It is the only private site I actually get on so kinda upsetting that I got disabled. Dunno.

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    Sorry to hear this Peramoure
    Looking at your WB profile... maybe it had something to do with your ratio (.700) . Other than that, no idea...
    PM Wildbytes here, he'll discuss the matter with you. At least you'll know then eh.

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    Connect to wb irc and ask.

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    well i have seen whats in your profile and now just waiting on the staff member that disabled you to get more info. Once i get this i will send you a pm.


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    Nice one Wild...... You're a nice guy...... .

    Maybe Stewie saw your ratio????
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