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Thread: Spray Painting CDs

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    Hello children,

    Im burning CDs for some people, and i really want them to look different, its sort of like my trademark,
    I aint got no fancy printer thingy or anything like that,
    just good old fashion spray paint.
    Now i'm being extra careful after one of them got stuck in my iMac g3, but i did not wait very long at all for the paint to dry, like really really short, like not even 24 hours, i know, stupid.
    4 days later i got the cd out, and its hardly even missing any paint,
    theres 2 little spots by the hole in the middle, like pin hole size.


    Im going out to buy some new colors, and i want to know which paint is the safest and doesn't add much depth to the cd (i know what some of you may say, its not worth it, dont do it, but im going to anyway, just not in my mac.) which paint is the 'thinnest' to say, and which paint will be the best for a music cd that will be playing in both a computer and a handheld cd player, but not a car cd player.
    How much coats, can i do painting with a stencil on top of it?
    Any tips?
    Any tips for cool effects with the paint?
    Thanks in advance,


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    Think were going to have to add a new section now...

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    The spray paint for cars is the thickest

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    across the street

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    I think it's a fucking barmy idea, you're probably introducing untold amounts of chemicals to the plastic surface, that will eat into your CD, and reduce the life considerably.

    Use CD labels, ffs, if you've got to do anything at all.


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