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Thread: Pre-channels, does anyone have some tips?

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    In a long time now I have used the pre-channels #pred and #pre on FreeQuest. But now both of the channels suddenly put keys or invite only to access. So, does anyone know the key to #pred on FQ?(just PM me of you don't want to write it in public).

    If not; does anyone know about other public or secret pre-channels I could use?


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    ScT and FTN has a nice prechan .. or pm redline in #tr****

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    I don't have ScT or FTN. Heh, think you have PM me that chan where redline is.

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    Lots of trackers have pre chans, SuperTorrents is an easy one to get on just off the top of my head.

    Also, the channel he's referring to is #tracers on p2p-network (Since its a public non keyed channel I assume its alright if I give out the channel in public like that, if not, I'll remove it).

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    Yeah, Supertorrents seems as a decent one, thanks.


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