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Thread: A noob question

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    I'm buying my first console after saving up for a while. I narrowed my decision to a XBox 360. My question is do I have to modify it in any way to play the games downloaded from torrent sites or can I just download burn and play. Any help would be really nice.

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    first you gotta stop triple posting

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    You need to follow hacking tutorials/videos(google xbox 360 hacks) for the specific disk drive on your xbox. Depending what drive you get its easy, not checked it in a while but the newer were the most difficult and dont remember the best one but you probably only get them second hand now.. could always pay someone to do it but i'd trust myself more, good luck!

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    Youll have to modify the firmware of your DVD drive, its not too difficult. Look for xbox 360 firmware tutorial on the net.

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    And what about Live? Will u get a ban for such "modifications"?

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    Can't play burnt games online, at least for the ps2...

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    Open the 360
    Modify firmware (google xbox-scene)
    Download game
    Extract game
    Burn .dvd file with CloneCD (use good burner and good discs [112D and verbatim)
    Play online if you like
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    mate u'll have a funer time actualy buying it tho
    The General


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