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    Originally posted by MediaSlayer@14 June 2003 - 03:57
    btw how do you get the people to crowd around?
    The crowd will accumulate ( big word lol yeah) people just see what looks like a turd on the toilet and start to flock around it and point

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    Who the fuck sees shit on a toilet and then starts to crowd around??

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    wipe your ass after doing a shit (as you would)

    then cunningly wipe it on a friends cheek/face as they sleep.

    Just see their face the next morning.
    And their pillow.
    Shit in their mouths and everything.

    Never done it myself like, just know its good......

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    We had a really idiotic arts teacher in school, who was really full of himself...
    So one day we closed or classroom entrance with some old wallpaper and cellotape. The first time he was really cautious, poked through with one finger, and ripped it at a seam. The second time he got a bit bolder and punched his way through, remarking that a bad joke doesn't get better if you repeat it.
    The third time we heard him screaming "Here comes Superm..." before he crashed into the cabinet we had pushed against the entrance from our side when he apparently tried to jump through it.

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    i like that one lol... i gotta try it

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    Superman LOL

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    I got the idea for one out of a magazine somewhere:
    • Sortly before shift change, I snuck a little bit of toner from the copy machine into a paper cup and took it to the men's room...
    • After turning the nozzle opening on the hand-dryer up, I dumped the powder in and then held the cup underneath as I swiveled the nozzle back down.
    • Whoever used the dryer next was supposed get a big surprise!
    • We're a small shop and I figured I'd be gone by the time it happened so I would be off the hook so far as suspicion goes.
    • But as I was leaving the restroom, the boss walked in to "do his business".
    • I clocked out, but stuck around to see the boss' reaction - hoping I wouldn't be fired.
    • He walked back out no problem...
    • The nasty bas***d didn't even wash his hands! - Ewww!
    • I found out my next shift that the gag had worked and the entire restroom had been filled with "smoke".
    • They blamed it on a defective blower - and I never admitted nothin!

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    In school i was once trusted with the master key to all the rooms as i had to go get a book ffrom a store room... anyway, whilst in the storeroom i found the book but i also found this quick drying superglue-cement stuff comes in a little tube u know the sort, like toothpaste - only it was brown.

    So, having the master key, this glue shit and the knowledge of all teachers and pupils being away in lessons, i decided i oculd hav a little fun.

    Every door i passed on the way back from the store room soon became locked, and the keyholes sealed with glue - ooh i wonder who did that? LOL!

    some teachers were lucky enough to have a keyhole on the inside of the room from which they could scrape the cement out and unlock the door... others werent so lucky.. least one teacher - Mr. Ball - and his class, well they were in a room without windows and had a double set of doors to get into the classroom.. they managed to excape only 3 hours later when they had broken down the first door and started banging on the second one hahahahahah.... untill this day, noone from school knows who it was....except me


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