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Thread: Yet another giveaway...

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    Hi FST'lers,

    Because FST is a really nice plattform (very few scammers if any at all, nice rating system, big userbase) i'm now at the point where i do have accounts on all the trackers i would ever possibly want to be member on. I do still have some accounts which i got "for trading sake" and which i do not really need. Now i'm searching for ppl who actually *want* to have those accounts but can not give anything in return. I am giving away:

    KG (~2-3 GB buffer)
    Thors Land (~20 GB buffer)
    Swebits (~500 GB buffer)

    Please no PMs. When posting to this thread, please:
    - make sure if you get the account you will use it yourself.
    - write a good reason why i should give it to you and no one else

    -> if you got some references/ratios at other trackers you can post them, but it is by no means a prerequisite for becoming an account.

    I will then announce in this thread who got the accounts (tonight or tomorrow evening).

    Good luck to all of you

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    good giveaway

    can i have KG or Swebits

    thanks in advance

    i want KG to download some old movies that i can't find in any other tracker
    i want swebits as it has great torrent files (great in number & content)
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    gud giveaway man..

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    I would like KG for me.

    I can show other trackers with good ratio.

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    I want Thor's land... i am a big fan of french movies and right now its hard for me to get them. giving me the account will make my life much easier and i will be grateful...


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    yo, can i get swebits

    i want this because of all the dvdrs they have on there, and because i can't seem to get anyone to trade their damn swedvdr account

    i'd post ratios, but fuck, i'm a pretty well-trusted member here, just look at my previous posts or something

    nonetheless, appreciate the swebits

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