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Thread: Speed Problem with Leeware

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    Hi, I just rented a leeware box yesterday to up my ratio on a few sites.

    I set it up according to the guide in the guides-section on this site and I am using uTorrent.

    However I can hardly ever get more than 200 kb/s upload in total, and more often than not it is only 100 kb/s or less.

    I have set up uTorrent with the Speed Wizard to xxx/100MB connection, and I tried to play with the encryption settings. But nothing helps.

    And Its not just because I have a bad leeched torrent because I have 30 torrents open right now. Total speed is maybe 150kb/s.

    Does anybody know what settings I should play with, or if I need to tweak the Linux system somehow?

    PS: Download speed is fine, its the upload that is the problem

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    Maybe is for these, look the first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazil View Post
    Maybe is for these, look the first.
    thanks for the link. I tried emailing Lee and asked if there is still problems.

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    Lee has taken on vacation now, so I wonder if any other Leeware users can tell me if there is a problem with uploading speed right now. I really annoys me paying for a speed slower than my own connection.

    Right now I am testing uTorrent with a Ubuntu Linux ISO from the official ubuntu site, and although I am connected to 10+ peers I cannot get more than 40kB/s

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    Don't know what to tell you mate, the person that currently has my Leeware box is seeding at good speed right now and they have above 5 ratio on every torrent..


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