I am trying to make a webrip of episodes Afterworld series on the free site bud.tv of a high enough quality to upload them to a bit torrent site.

I have a description of the show itself at the end of this post.

I've watched the 1st 20 eps so far, and I really like it, and would like to share it with other people who are unlikely to go to bud.tv.

I tried using WM Recorder 11.0, which gave me a .FLV file.
Then I tried to convert it using Replay Converter, but it wouldn't make Mpegs, just MP4's. And the quality was awful. The show is on a small screen, but you can make it bigger, with a slight drop in quality. The converted MP4's were also at the same size, and when I tried to make the screen bigger, there was a *much* larger drop in quality.
And several of them had a weird line at the bottom.

Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Here's what afterworld is about:

Sometime between 5 and 6 AM EST, everything changed.

The world as we knew it suddenly, inexplicably, ended. In its place, a new world arose. A world without technology. Without people. Without light. Without hope. Until one man - driven by a need to discover the truth - risked everything and embarked on a harrowing 2-year journey across America in search of his family. He never asked to be a hero. All he wanted was to get home.

His name is Russell Shoemaker. And this is AFTERWORLD.

Created by Brent Friedman (Dark Skies) & Michael Decourcey and produced by Stan Rogow (Nowhere Man), AFTERWORLD is an online entertainment experience unlike any before. Airing five days a week and spanning an epic 130 two-and-a-half minute episodes, this ambitious, computer-animated opus blazes new trails as the first-ever fully-interactive science fiction serial available for Internet, mobile phone and portable game player download.

More than just a provocative vision of the future, AFTERWORLD is also the foundation of a new global web community and the opening salvo in a media revolution.