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Thread: need hand help here

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    hi guys iam trying to install linux suse one iheard its more safe then normal microsoft windose any way now ihave 5 parttions all of them is NTFS format do u ihave to format one partation to fat32 first to install linux or it dosent matter and do ihave to use partation magic for format iknow its very stupieds qoustions but we are bothers here right

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    Think it'll format it for you.

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    Bit late to say this, sorry, but if you are new at linux and all, one idea might be to just let the installer set itself up on what free space you have.

    If it's possible, just remove a partition (you should probably have at least ten gigs free if you want to play around with stuff) and then make sure to select the option where it says to use free space on the disc.

    Also, as long as you don't delete the partition windows is on you could set things up to dual boot while you test suse out. The SuSe-installer does most of the job there too. It should all be self explanatory, I hope.


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