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Thread: Cpu Speed

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    I believe there's a slight difference between actual ram speed and theoretical ram speed.

    Your current ram speed is 166.5 like it or not.

    play with the terminology and numbers all you want, that won't change it.

    I can take PC 133 ram and put it in a 100Mgh FSB system and it'll run fine.

    what's the ram speed now?

    It's still 100Mgh no matter what the ram is advertised at because the memory bus speed is still 100Mgh and that's the true ram speed for this system.

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    i think you should just stop arguing balamm

    admit defeat please

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    "by my calculations", if the memory bus wasn't bottlenecked or limited by your FSB and other settings, then you theoretically could run at 2083.3333 which brings us back to the AMD naming conventions in question.

    On the 1800+ it is possible to run at 1.8 if every thing is setup right. I've had it there (and higher) briefly by changing both the multiplier and the true ram speed. The limiting factor on this system is not FSB or nominal ram speed. It's a combination of a mediocre bios and OS instability.

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    I'm no longer going to try to explain it. But now you are talking about "theoretically" and overclocking and other technical mumbo-jumbo.

    I too think you should just admit it gracefully, balamm*

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    I just can't believe people aren't reading up more on what they're buying.
    This is like someone buying a Dell 2350 and thinking they're gonna be able to play
    Doom 3 on it succesfully.

    I hate to read,could'nt tell you how long it would take me to read a 300 page book.
    But always made a habit of reading up on what I was buying.

    2x162=324 my FSB speed. this is overclocked though 13x162 instead of 15x133.
    CPU:High,some say I'm a legend in My own mind.
    Update! Overclocked - Achieved Demi God statis.
    Ram:If she's ready, so am I.
    Hard drive:Ready for access,larger than average.
    Bus speed:Not as fast as My truck.

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    I say dont mess with anything if your a noob, do some reading first..get a general feel of overclocking prcessors, then try

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    Originally posted by balamm*@15 June 2003 - 14:15
    Actual processor speed is 1.53 gig

    The CPU runs at memory bus speed, not FSB!
    this USED to be true. the front side bus and the memory bus used to be locked together on x86 motherboards.

    recent motherboards (in the past year or so) now have a memory bus that is independent of the front side bus. i think the manufacturers still recommend that you should keep the two bus speeds in sync, for best performance... even if you have a 166mhz and 200mhz ram, they still recommend setting the ram to 166. but you can now set them to different speeds, 200mhz cpu + 166mhz ram or vice versa.

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    Looking back over this thread, it seems to me that some people really should read up on CPUs before they start mouthing off about them.

    I did a crappy high school project on CPUs for Adv. Higher Computing and it looks as if I know more than some of the self-proclaimed experts here.

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    uh, fellas, can i call the maths contest a draw? i got lost somewhere when multipliers entered. as a noob with basic knowledge, im just happy to leave my computer as it is with too little fiddling unless its essential. what i will say is i didnt think thered be the response there was & ive enjoyed reading it all, even if im still tryign to figure most of it out, so thanks. and please feel free to carry on posting if us wish.

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    another thing to your complaint, measure your monitor, i bet the size isnt what it said it is?

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