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Thread: PCLinuxOS-2007 & an AV w/GUI & rt click context menu

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    I'm new to Linux. I'm using & enjoying PCLinuxOS-2007.

    Very comfortable in xp though. Not a computer n00b. Just a Linux n00b.

    Anything from command line is VERY difficult for me to use. I want GUI's.

    Even though the Linux people (them, oops now me as well) tell me an AV isn't needed. I want one. I want to be able to scan every download & on occasion my HDD.

    The synaptic package manager only has clamav. I could get klamav which is the frontend (fe or GUI) of clamav. But clamav detection rate sucks.

    So afaik Avast, F-Prot, BitDefender, AVG & Avira offer free AVs for Linux.

    So far I've installed F-Prot with xfprot (fe). After It installed & updated. I couldn't find the GUI. And theres no right click context menu. The same with BitDefender & bdfe.

    AVG has libraries needed to install properly. Of the 3 libraries I think 2 are installed. The 3rd DAZUKO in AVG user pdf says not to attempt to install/compile unless you're an expert. That definitely leaves me out.

    Avira comes in a tar format. I have no idea how to use tar & gz formats. Well meaning folks say compile it yourself. Or give directions like open a command. Figured that one out. But they don't always say from which terminal or if I have to be root. Then they say just enter (I'm making up the commands) su press enter, then pw, -x fy ire, kowj & you're done. I usually get theres no such command just before or after my pw.

    AVG, BD & F-Prot come in rpm. A kind member pointed out rpm & deb can be installed using kpackage in synaptic package manager.

    Don't know yet how Avast comes packaged.

    So please folks. I need specific help getting 1 of these 5 AVs to work in PCLOS-2007. I require a GUI & a right click context menu. In order of preference I'm thinking contingent ont my requirements. Avast, BD, F-Prot, AVG & Avira.

    But any specific easy to follow instructions that get any 1 of these 5 AVs to function as I require. Will GREATLY be appreciated.

    When I asked specifically about this in a new topic in the PCLOS forum it got deleted & a mod said read the rules how to post in this section. No hard feelings mod but I didn't do anything wrong. Except not post links to the AVs. Big whoop. Oh well. Still enjoy PCLOS & the folks there.

    But I think theres an agenda against AVs over there. So I'm here, reaching out.

    Thanks all.

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    zapjb's Avatar Computer Abuser BT Rep: +3
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    Nov 2002
    A friend gave me a solution. It worked. Have to have Kpackage installed. Its available through synaptic. And then right click install through Kpackage.
    Install Avast:

    Register to get your key

    Download Avast RPM, right click> open with Kpackage> install

    At some point it'll ask for the key, I don't remember if its during install or the next step I list....

    Open Konsole and type avastgui, hit enter, update Avast

    To add Avast icon to task bar (kicker, panel) right click on kicker> unlock> Add application to panel> Add Non-KDE application.

    Now to configure the Avast launcher:

    Button title= Avast
    Description= AntiVirus
    Executable= /usr/bin/avastgui

    Now next to the Button title you'll see a box with picture, click it and icon data base will popup, choose the Avast icon, click ok and it'll be in your kicker panel.

    You should be set to go


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