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Thread: Miss The Days Of Napster?

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    I know I really miss Napster too, I did make a good friend in the 70's chatroom, he lives in England and we still e-mail each other a few times a week. I used to like going in there and answered ?s people had about songs of the 70's

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    Napster was good.. but it never offered wat is avalible today.. i had broadband when napster was around but never got speeds of 900kb/s with napster... probably maxed out at 120kb/s with napster.... But yea it was sad when napster did closee... Thanks god kazaa came to the rescue... i dont know wat i or you would do with out it.

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    Originally posted by MagusDraco@15 June 2003 - 06:24
    To tell you the truth..I really miss audiogalaxy. Sure it was only mp3s, but it had everything. Gonna miss that program.
    YEAH BABY! AUDIOGALAXY KICKED ASS... but, it's dead now.

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    You nailed it man!
    That program sucked.
    Thank god the RIAA went after it or we would have waited much longer for the far superior programs we have today.

    Your right!
    With AudioGalaxy there wasn't a song or album I wanted that I couldn't find.


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