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Thread: Linspire signs up for Microsoft collaboration

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    Microsoft has signed yet another Linux collaboration and patent agreement, this time with its old copyright adversary Linspire, through which the companies will work on interoperability between Windows and Linux.

    The agreement is the latest in a list of Linux-related partnerships for Microsoft that began with Novell in November 2006 and has also included Samsung, Fuji Xerox, LG Electronics, and Xandros.

    It sees Microsoft and San Diego, California-based Linspire teaming up on document format compatibility, instant messaging, fonts, digital media, and web search. It also includes a patent covenant from Microsoft not to sue Linspire's customers for patent infringement that could see Linspire prevented from distributing Linux and open source code licensed with the forthcoming GPLv3.

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    So does this mean that maybe my hardware will work with Linux in the future without that damned ndiswrapper that I can never get to work (nor have the time to..)?


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