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    i have finally found out the problem, i have a fried cpu, so im gonna replace it with a whole new motherboard (kit). Anyone got any suggestions on which one go get, i have a 150 to spend, i would like a 2ghz at least.

    any suggestions

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    Greg, you lit a fuse here, and im suprised there hasnt been the old Intel Athlon debate started yet, but I will help you out, seeing as how I get to reply first.

    (Writing now) one second.

    Okay, well, 150 isnt that much, seeing as how most motherboards are about 70 MINIMUM. So, with only about 70 left, its kinda hard to do, but I would suggest you weigh your options at They always have competitive prices, wide selction, and alot of the time the lowest price around.

    Im over there right now seeing what I can work out for you. But first, im going to have to ask, what kind of RAM your using first off.

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    Okay, well, simply because your rather budget limited here, im going to go on the Athlon XP side, seeing as how their chips are usually cheaper, in the scope of XP2400+ vs P4 2.4 Ghz

    Now although the 2400+ runs at alittle over 2Ghz, as opposed to 2,4 of the Pentium, many many, MANY tests, have proven that in many instances and fields the 2400 can match if not outperform the P4 2.4 Ghz.

    With that said, I went looking, and al be it, I wouldnt usually, but i went to the very LOW end up the price spectrum on motherboards, to save as much money possible for your processor.

    Okay, well I have a retail 2400+ for you for about 85 dollars retail, and i LOW end might I add, 45 dollar AMD motherboard, but it should be fine for what your doing.

    The AthlonXP 2400+

    The Motherboard

    Now although Im a skeptic about such a low price for a motherboard, but it has onboard Audio, Video, and LAN, and supports the SD Ram, which you probably have (you better have).

    Any suggestions anyone?

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    That board is ummmm well..... I don't know what the hell you're on but ISA slots?

    Any repair shop should have a pile of better trade in boards than that, some with processor for less than $50. I didn't check the latest retail on the AMD 2400 but $50 for that board is way outta line.

    This is new, upgradeable, and much better suited to that CPU >

    ASROCK K7VM2 VIA KM266 Chipset Socket A DDR266 FSB with Video/Audio/LAN and AMR Modem Micro ATX (Retail)
    Main Chipset VIA KT266 (Northbridge) and VIA8235 (Southbridge) Supports AMD Duron, Athlon, AthlonXP CPUs Supports 266MHz Front-Side Bus speeds Socket 462 motherboard 
    Memory Support 2 DDR DIMM sockets and 2 DIMM sockets support (CAN NOT be used at the same time) Two 184-pin 2.5V DDR* (Double Date Rate) SDRAM DDR266 (PC2100) or Two 168-pin 3.3V SDRAM (PC133/PC100) Maximum installed memory is 2GB 
    Onboard VGA & AGP 4X slot Integrated ProSavage8 Gfx graphic system, with 32MB memory shared as frame buffer 4X Accelerated Graphic Port, with Latch to securely fasten AGP Graphic Card Fully compliant AGP 2.0 and PCI 2.2 specification 
    USB 2.0 Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0 Compliant with Intel's Enhanced Host Controller Interface Specification Revision 0.95 Compliant with Universal Host Controller Interface Specification Revision 1.1 PCI multi-function device consists of two UHCI HOST Controller cores for full-/low-speed signaling and one EHCI Host Controller core for high-speed signaling Root hub consists 4 downstream facing ports with integrated physical layer transceivers shared by UHCI and EHCI Host controller Support PCI-Bus Power Management Interface Specification release 1.1 Legacy support for all downstream facing ports 
    Expansion Slots One AGP 2.0 compliant 4X AGP slot 3 X 32-bit PCI slots for PCI 2.2 compliant bus interface One AMR slot 
    Enhanced IDE Controller Primary and Secondary IDE channels Supports PIO (programmable input/output) modes 0 -4 Supports Multiword DMA modes Supports UltraDMA 133/100/66/33 and BUS mastering 
    Power Supply and Power Management ATX power supply connector Meets ACPI 1.0b and APM 1.2 requirements, keyboard power/ and legacy PMU support Supports Suspend switch, keyboard power on/off Supports Wake on LAN, Wake on Modem, and Wake on Alarm 
    Onboard Sound System AC97 specification compliant Three Audio Jacks - Line-Out, Line-In and Microphone-In 
    Onboard LAN s Built-in 10 BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet LAN Supports Wake On LAN In compliance with ACPI 1.0 and the Network Device Class Power Management 1.0 High Performance achieved by 100Mbps clock generator and data recovery circuit for 100Mbps receiver 
    Onboard I/O Ports One Parallel port One Serial port One MIDI/Game port SIX USB 2.0 ports (FOUR back-panel ports, 1 USB headers providing four extra ports) Two PS/2 ports One audio jack for Microphone, Line-in, and Line-out One infrared port connector for the optional module 
    Onboard Flash ROM (BIOS) AMI 2MB BIOS flash ROM CPU parameters and memory timing 
    Dimensions MicroATX form factor 9 5/8" x 9 5/8" (244 mm x 244mm) 

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    Thanks guys, u were very helpful.

    but i really need a AGP slot for my gforce4 card, I have sdram (dimm) i have checked out your suggestion and it looks good, i have also been looking and i have found a motherboard with 2ghz cpu, heatsink and fan for 99.99 at (its not a direct link).

    What do u think of it, anything is better then 650mhz.

    Thanks again, u have helped me alot. B)

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    Is this the one?

    If not, then right click near the picture and go to properties and you'll get the link. There's nothing wrong with that board if that's it.

    Is your present power supply ATX or AT? the athlons need a lot of power and that board will need an ATX supply.

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    yes that is the one, i think i have an ATX, how would i find out if it has (is in on the powersupply itself).

    Im glad u think its alright, i will decide in a few days what one to get

    Thanks alot much apprecidted (sorry about spelling)

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    This is an ATX connector >

    And this is an AT >

    Make sure it's Minimum rated at 300 watts or better


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