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Thread: Help!!!! For An Entertainment PC

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    I need a PC with

    horizontal case

    accomodation for an ultra-powerful graphics card with HDMI

    support for proper fan, power supply and such

    ultra fast CPU (or thereabouts)

    Vista Ultimate

    from a reputable existing PC manufacturer

    I'd have one built but I have no idea of the reliability.

    I'd build one but I am too busy for it.

    I'll buy all the other stuff aftermarket (if it's not included already).

    I wanna play my PC games on my big screen and also want my DVDs on a server stylee.

    I want my HTPC!!!

    edit: ok if necessary I will build one (first choice isn't that though). It pisses me off that, from what I've seen, no mainstream manufacturer pushes HTPCs. I like a case like this but I don't need a screen on front

    I would want multiple HDs versus one huge one. Total of at least a TB.
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    This might give you some ideas.
    At the very least, it's an overview of the process.

    I think you're gonna end up having to build it yourself.
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