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    I am now utterly convinced the resource department in my work is a place where they put the chimps they tested LSD on and let them arrange the schedules for all the employees.

    I'm meeting my mum next week down south. It was her birthday last week, but I had some prior engagements so we decided to pay for her flight to London and take her to Wales for 3 days/2nights.
    I put in a holiday request at work 4 weeks ago, which got declined.
    Arranged to swap shifts with two people so I could get the days off anyway.
    One of the swaps was agreed upon immediately, the other was held pending.
    Every time I asked about it I got the same reply ' There's a small problem, but we'll sort it out'
    Last night at 6PM they inform me and the guy I'm swapping shifts with that it's been declined.
    The shift swap was meant to be tomorrow, so there's no time whatsoever to rearrange.
    When we asked for the reason, we were told that because there's a 2 hour difference in our shifts, HR won't allow us to swap, because supposedly we're on a salary, which we're not!!
    We only get paid for the hours we're there.

    So we suggested that Steve comes in 2 hours early, and I do the rest of the shift so the hours are exactly the same.

    I'm going to kill someone

    and start a campaign against all resource departments

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    not sure what your job is, but if it's technical, i guess they have there reasons.

    Got any doctor friends? Get a sick note for a few days...they'll know your lieing, but fuck em!

    HR = Human retards dept.

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    Just call in sick


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