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Thread: torrent help

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    i use a befsr41 v2 router and i have been through every guide for torrent and for port forwarding and i still dont have utorrent working. what gives? utorrent also super lags up my computer, and all computers on the network. utorrent says it is unable to map uPnP port. please help me.

    downloadings never exceed a total of 50 kBs (spread throughout maybe 6 or 7 torrents) and upload total is never higher then 20 kBs. utorrent 1.6.1 if that helps anything.

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    yes and yes. but still it says in the logger that it is unable to map the UPnP port.

    i added the port to the UPnP port forwarding or whatever (under tcp) and it still doesnt work.


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