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Thread: Need TL buffer

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    Hey guys, I need a TL with buffer for a friend. Hoping for about 50GB (thought that should be easy to find....) but happy with more, or less...just give me an offer.

    I'll see what I can get with a fresh RMVbusters account, or a with about 5GB upload to start off....


    (BTW...I'm looking for a 50GB+ buffered Oink and I offer SCT+mail + Czone + LM...if you have that I would like offers)

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    Apr 2007
    i have TL Uploaded: 202 GB download 62 G
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    My TL is 43GB buffered...
    IP address is Orlando Florida/Country: United States/Continent: North/America/Time Zone: EST

    Someone tried to enter in my FST account with wrong PW!

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    I have a clean oink, no invites ever sent, PU+ with invites and very close to 50GB buffered, and will be easily 50GB buffered this week, which we can work on if required.

    I would even throw in an 200GB+ buffered Audio News account, great for getting new audio apps to seed on oink.

    And Harry Kewell says hello
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