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Thread: Need some help please

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    Guys I need some help...

    I am into house music mostly... Vocals, chill out tribal etc...

    What I need is an nzb web site for music. there are a bunch for tv shows but I have never come across one for music...

    Basically I need to know what to download lol. I have an acquintance that always gets the latest house music before it comes out on the radio, and just some nice house mixes. Once I find out the name of the cd I can always get it on newsgroups but I need him to tell me names....

    I need a place where they list the latest scene releases for house music break it down into genres like House-vocals, etc... something like vcdquality but for music....

    If no nzb sites exist than perhaps a site like vcdquality where I can see what is actually being released (peple posting comments and their opinions) and then search for it on newzbin... I would really appreciate everyone's help. Thanks.

    Basically something like newzbin but where Ican actually select "House music" whereas newzbin only brakes the categories into mo3, AAC etc... I need something more like rap, vocals, etc... Would be nice if I can get peoples opinions and recommends via comments etc... I really hope there is such a site and that you guys would be able to help me out. I know this stuff is being posted to newsgroups but I am missing it only because I do not know what to look for! Thanks so much again in advance for anyone willing to help.
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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    sorry i really have not come across any site like that. if i were you i would just download the headers for

    there is normally a few very active people posting the latest releases there.

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    You could look at the Posts section on They break into music sections but no further than that.

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    why don't you try It's a torrent site with I think pretty new releases and selection in categories. It's ok for me.

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    yes...filemp3 it's a really good site!


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