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Thread: 2 things going to my stereo

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    my stereo has 2 input ports (red and white component things)
    and i got a cable going from my pc to it, and also my 360 to it. problem is i have to keep pulling them out nd swaping.

    now insted of spending 70 on a new stereo/speakers (which i would really like to do, but my stereo really aint that bad tbh)

    i think ill just wait on that idea and try and get a cheap little box off ebay insted.

    but im unsure on what to search for any ideas?

    can u get them where it joins the sound to gether? so i wouldnt have to flick a switch on it as thats prity much just as close of unplugging nd replugging it...

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    Unfortunately, combining multiple outputs into a single input isn't as simple as it might seem. The problem is that audio outputs have low impedance, and inputs have high impedance.

    The result is that if you try to combine two outputs together, nearly all the power will go from one output to the other, and very little will go to the device you wanted the signal to go to.

    There arev really only 2 ways round this:
    1. keep the signals separate (eg with a switch)
    2. combine the signals after the input devices high impedance circuitry (requires multiple inputs).

    Since I'm guessing that your stereo doesn't have multiple inputs the only sensible alternative is a switch.

    This is the sort of thing you'll need
    You can probably find better/cheaper, search for audio input switch.

    Actually, I just thought of a third possibility.
    Feed the line-out of your 360 to the line-in of your pc, then connect the output of your pc to your stereo. That should work as long as your pc is switched on.
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