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Thread: Pulp Fiction

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    hey, everybody loves fast food here and there

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    The real question is: what's in the briefcase?
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    The real question is: what's in the briefcase? 
    lol yeah thats what that whole movies about maybe and we never know whats in the case

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    what really bugs me about pulp fiction is that hamburger that jules picks up in the beggining of the movie. if you look closely, when he picks it up its a whole hamburger. when he puts it to his mouth, half of it is gone. wtf!!!!! and what are they doing eating hamburgers at 7:30 in the morning anyways? i dont really know how it is in L.A., but hamburgers aren't a breakfast food around here.

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    Neither is killing people before 9am lol
    i think its gold in the case cos it glows

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    apparantly what is in the breifcase is the devils soul. Going by old mythology, whoever saw that would die thus in the film EVERYONE who saw inside the breif case died -- note that samuel l jackson never actually looked in -- Also, think about it, the code number on the breif case was 666. Marcelus has a plaster on his back of the neck, cut shaving? Then again, going by more mythology this is where the soul is said to be extracted.

    the movie is riddled with things to see like this! try watching it and thinking, it heightings the experience

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    i never thought about the briefcase much, but that does make sense, the whole mythology thing.
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    Shit&#33; i just thought it was a run of the mill blood and guts film. I never realized there was such a deep story running through it

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    This may be way off one point Jools says

    When motherf****ers get scared mother****ckers accidentally get shot
    Something like that anyway.. I think..

    When Vincent accidentally shoots Marvin in the face (LOL&#33;&#33 Jools is talking about his &#39;conversion&#39;. So you could look at it as being part of a bigger theme about faith perhaps?

    Oh man I shot Marvin in the face

    No need for that quote at all but I love it&#33;&#33;&#33;

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    Pulp Fiction is way more than just a gangster film, but I guess most of you already know that.

    Now, about why Marsellus is walking with donuts and suddenly meeting Butch: Vince and Marsellus BOTH were at the apartment waiting for Butch to show up. Marsellus is handling this because first, Butch double crossed him, so it&#39;s personal now, and second, Jules has already retired after the "miracle" (the bullets didn&#39;t hit him), do Vince needed another guy with him.

    Remember when Butch enters his apartment, he makes some noise in the kitchen. Now, Vince is in the toilet, how come he didn&#39;t here that? Well, he did, but he thought it was marsellus returning with the donuts&#33; Also, while in the kitchen, Butch suddenly sees Vince&#39;s gun. Now why a hitman like Vince would leave his gun like this? Again, because Marsellus is supposed to be there with him.

    I hope it all makes sense

    There are many more small details in the film that you just don&#39;t catch in the first viewing.

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