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    never d/l game b4 .its enter the matrix 4 x bin and cue files from verifeds

    if try to burn to cd it says file too big 746mb only 702 on disc

    and i cant open it with anything ?

    please help

    btw please DO state the obvious cos i got no idea


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    find the cue file you need or make one with notepad. Then use nero and select the burn image format. Then select disc at once not track at once (dont really know why but this works for me while track at once fails occasionally). Then install from discs and apply no cd crack to play. or download daemon tools and mount the images with that to install but you will still have to crack it to play. Hope this helps

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    did u d/l from verified hashes? if u did it has an easy step by step guide in the post 'Enter the matrix, Verified!'


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