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Thread: Scn

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    May 2007
    Is it just me or has SCN lost all their leechers since they canceled freeleech.
    Looking for scene axxs pm me for details.

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    Yeah, it very few leechers on the last torrents uploaded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quakie View Post
    Yeah, it very few leechers on the last torrents uploaded.
    yip... but still good stats on the old ones

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    thebazzla's Avatar 'The Steelmen' BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    yep you are right just logged in and hardly any not sure with changing to the new server helped

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    and is very difficult to seed.

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    I will pick up again. Many people had trouble getting torrents to announce for days.

    As for the seeding part, if you didn't use free leech and quadrupel to get a little buffer, then that's pretty much your problem.

    I was new at ScT when they had free leech as well but I still managed to get a healthy buffer in both places.

    BTW keeping the torrents in your client until deleted is a good way to get a bit seeded back. I don't have fast upspeed, but I still manage to seed back most things, and some way past one. Even if it sometimes takes 3-4 weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFoX View Post
    In the old days, if you misbehaved on a tracker, you got disabled, or worse, IP banned.

    Nowadays, there are more trackers than there are members, so if your tracker misbehaves, they get bookmark removed, or worse, URL deleted.

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    They uploads many torrents per day .. I guess thats the reason
    I know that there is many site works like that .. but woow its only 2000 persons only not that huge number ...
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    ya like Blue_Skies said, just leave everything seeding for as long as you can, or until you reach 1:1. I too have a slow upload, usually averaging about 20 kb/s each torrent (keep in mind im seeding about 4 or 5 torrents at a time), and I can USUALLY seed back to 1:1 in about 2-3 weeks.

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    well they are going through updates at the moment so that's why not so many leechers, but the people don't won't to download because no more free leech, as to nirvana saying it's because only 2000, it's not true since FTN has ~4000 and most torrents are active with many leechers/seeders

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    is SCN down?
    the site didn`t load.

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