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Thread: U21 Euro (Spoiler Inside)

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    Nae luck to young England in the semi-final agin Holland. Lost an equaliser in the last minute then knocked out on penalties. The Dutch keeper was at least a yard off his line for every penalty. It was an absolute disgrace that the referee did nowt about it. There was not one "save" that shouldn't have been re-taken. That's from a Scot as well.

    The Dutch Manager walking on the pitch to argue with the referee when a boy was waiting to take a penalty was seriously unsporting. They will probably win it now, but it will be a tarnished cup they collect if they do.

    “It’s not the will to win that counts - it is the will to prepare”

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    13-12 on penalties? That's fucking mental.

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    It was about 16 pens each as well. Seriously tho' he was a yard or two off the line for every one. Including the "saves".

    I was hoping the English lad would do the same, just to see if the ref took any action.

    “It’s not the will to win that counts - it is the will to prepare”

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    It was long.


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